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  • correlaciones

    Corrlaciones ahogamientos
  • test_2022-april_13

    this is a test of local ckan
  • test_ea

    I'm learning CKAN and this is my first dataset.
  • Occupation

    Family members occupation
  • Age

    Family members age
  • test data

  • Sales $

    Total Sales in Dollars. Amount (in dollars) for a sale transaction. The revenue secured through transactions between the company and customers in which the customer receives...
  • Margin $

    Margin Dollars. The revenue the company retains after incurring the costs associated with producing the goods it sells, and the services it provides, including post-transaction...
  • Test

    Test 1
  • dksr testing data 3

    This is another test sample
  • Customer Identifier

    Customer Identifier
  • Cost $

    Cost Dollars. The value attributed to the purchase (purchase cost and inbound freight net of VATS funding) and movement of product from the vendor to the store (DC Add-On...
  • Available Inventory $

    Available Inventory (in dollars). Dollar value of items that are on-hand and available for purchase (physical inventory) after committed inventory has been removed. Committed...
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